Paul Stormberg, Creative Director 

Gygax Archive

Gary Gygax was one of the most prolific creators of our time, leaving a vast legacy of imaginative works enjoyed by millions. War games, board games, card games, miniature games, computer games, role-playing games, animated stories, short stories, and novels. However, these are but a portion of his vast creative works. Many of his most creative works, including his magnum opus of fantasy roleplaying, reside in his archive, a treasure vault of imagination and enchantment.

Within this trove rest games of every stripe, adventures, and even whole worlds captured in complete short stories, novels, computer games, and scripts. Over fifteen thousand pieces comprise the archive with a single "piece" potentially being a thirty page short story, a prototype game, a complete computer game script, a one hundred page fantasy adventure campaign, or even a three hundred page novel.


Dawn of Roleplaying

Long before Gary Gygax wrote Dungeons & Dragons, long before he thought of publishing Dungeons & Dragons, long before he founded TSR, the company that would publish Dungeons & Dragons, he designed a fantasy city and a castle dungeon for his personal home campaign. Little of this work has ever been published.

When tasked to create items for publication he sometimes drew inspiration from his early designs but always stopped short of publishing them whole cloth. His reason was simple: He had been running an ongoing campaign with dozens upon dozens of active players since 1972. If he were to publish these works the whole campaign would be spoiled.

Even so, back in the day, publishing such personal materials was considered an anathema. "Why would any one have us do their imagining for them?", thought Gygax and his contemporaries. Indeed, it took some four years before anyone even thought of publishing adventures and seven years before anyone considered publishing campaign worlds.

Thus, years passed but Gary kept his personal home campaign close to his vest. Time and circumstances prevented him from publishing these materials.

Castle Zagyg

Looming in the distance is an ebon shadow in the dawn -- Castle Zagyg! The fortress built by the most powerful Archmage Zagyg. A madness overtook the archmage a century past and led to a fit of secret construction beneath the castle that bankrupted his vast, personal coffers. The inscrutable plans of the Mad Archmage, however, passed into the afterrealms with its architect.

The whole place is a gateway to otherwhens and otherwheres. It is no mere dungeon but a nexus of adventure unhindered by space, time, reality, and even genre. Castle Zagyg puts the whole of the world and even the multiverse into the hands of a few intrepid heroes and antiheroes.

Gygax Castle Manuscript

The castle manuscript is a vast tome, an unbound folio crammed with nearly 100 pages of Gary's hand drawn maps, keys, notes, and drawings. Dating back to 1972 the maps are filled with cribbed writing, arcane symbols, and color coding. The keys for these maps read like journals kept by the great explorers of our time. Stained, tattered, and yellowed with age, these fragile relics are the Dead Sea Scrolls of fantasy adventure gaming.

Millions know the legends of this place but only a handful have ever trod upon the worn stone staircases into the inscrutable depths of the place.

Gary Gygax's Museum of the Gods map from the Castle Zagyg manuscript, unseen for 45 years.

Gary Gygax's Museum of the Gods map from the Castle Zagyg manuscript, unseen for 45 years.